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Strong points :

– 100% vegetable protein.

– Helps in muscle growth.

– A multiphase and highly digestible assimilation.

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Product overview:

Pure form vegan is a 100% vegetable protein without coloring, artificial sweeteners or aspartame.

This formula is based on a complete blend of five digestible protein sources and an excellent profile of amino acids and Bcaa: pisan peas, rice, pomegranate, pumpkin and coconut.

This type of protein is perfectly suited to any muscle development program, but also for cutting and muscle recovery.

With 20g of protein per serving your daily requirement is more than satisfied for optimal protection of your muscle mass.

Pure Form Vegan exists in flavors: Chocolate, Toffee Hazelnut

Use :

– Mix 1 dose of Pure Form Vegan Protein with 300ml of water or vegetable milk.

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Chocolate, Vanilla